Solar-Powered Drip Irrigation Kit for Effortless Gardening | Multi-Timing Modes | Supports 30 Pots

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Experience worry-free gardening with our Solar-Powered Drip Irrigation Kit. Perfect for balconies, greenhouses, and raised garden beds.

Product Description:

Solar-Powered & Long-Lasting 

Equipped with a high-efficiency solar panel and a 2200mAh battery, our irrigation system can work for up to 20-25 days after a full charge. Ideal for worry-free vacations and busy schedules.

Drip Irrigation Kit Installed in a Greenhouse

Precision Watering :

Our IP65 waterproof and sun-proof system delivers just the right amount of water slowly and precisely at the root zone. Promote healthy growth and reduce water wastage with our precision drip irrigation system.

Components of Drip Irrigation Kit

Intelligent Alarm System :

Features an anti-siphon device that prevents water from flowing after the controller is turned off. An intelligent alarm that sounds twice per minute when the filter is blocked or water is insufficient, ensuring your plants are always well-hydrated.

Easy to Install & Use :

Our kit comes with a detailed size chart and all the necessary components for easy installation. Set up the number of drippers and watering frequency for effortless gardening.

Self Watering Devices For Plants

  • The ultimate automatic watering system for potted plants and outdoor gardens! Our garden irrigation system kit is solar-powered, saving at least 70% water and does not require AC power.
  • With adjustable 6 timer modes, the watering duration can be changed based on your preference.
  • The Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit is perfect for greenhouse, rain barrel, gardening system indoor, and outdoor plant watering system.
  • Get your smart irrigation solar n-o-w and enjoy optimal plant growth!

Solar-Powered Drip Irrigation Kit with 98.43FT Hose

2200 mAh Battery

Equipped with a 2200mAh battery, which allows the device can work for 15-20 days after the battery is fully charged.

10W Solar Panel

10W high-efficiency solar panel is equipped with tempered glass surface and aluminum frame to resist harsh weather.

Anti-siphon Device

Prevents water from flowing out when the controller is turned off. (Installed at the water outlet)

Solar Panel and Battery of Drip Irrigation Kit

Why Choose Ankway Drip Irrigation?

  • Taking water directly from containers such as buckets, this Drip Irrigation Kit eliminates the need for a tap, making it easy to water your plants anytime and anywhere. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting out, our Easy DIY Watering System is simple to install with no complicated setup required.
  • A w-o-rry-fr-ee solution for plant care during long holidays! Powered by solar energy and battery, it can operate for up to 6-72 days without any human intervention. This innovative device can draw water directly from containers such as buckets, eliminating the need for a tap. It is also equipped with preset time intervals, automatically watering your plants at the right time.
  • Our gardening system indoor is perfect for those who want to bring the outdoors inside, while the garden grid watering system provides a customizable solution for all your planting needs. The automatic Drip Irrigation Kits make it easy for anyone to have a thriving garden, regardless of experience.
  • Invest in the best and watch your plants flourish with our watering system for outdoor plants. Get yours n-o-w and experience the convenience and efficiency of our Solar Automatic Plant Self Watering Devices.

Installations Guide:

Step 1:

Insert the main water hose(0.31'' ID, 0.39'' OD) into the water outlet, and fix the nozzle with the circlip.

Step 2:

Insert an anti-siphon tube at the outlet and an end plug at the end of the tube.

Step 3:

Cut to length as needed(1/8'' tubing), then proceed to the diversion installation.

Step 4:

T-Joint to tubing access to drip-stake.

Warm Tip: Putting the tube in boiling water softens it, making it easier to push onto the fitting.

Components of Drip Irrigation Kit